Hangin' With The Hmong

Rice Field And Hills

Hills above rice fields

Hiked up into these hills to work in the fields. Great views.

My Work Partner

Field worker and me

This woman and I hoed out weeds on a hillside for a couple of hours. She dug circles around me! To say field work is back-breaking would be an understatement.

Opium Smoker

Opium Smoker

Around noon a Hmong villager hiked up to me and motioned for me to follow him to a large hut in his village.

There were about 30 people in this hut cutting up and cooking all sorts of cow parts. A few in the corner were smoking opium.

Cow Dragging

Dragging cow parts

This is definitely the most whacked thing I've seen to date. One guy started playing a bamboo bagpipe-type instrument while marching around a pot of boiling blood.

Following him was a man dragging the cow's head, a guy "walking" the forelegs, another "walking" the hindlegs, and a kid dragging the tail!

Playing The "Dead Cow" Pipes

Playing The

Doesn't look like the kids thought I was any good.

Swimming With The Kids

Swimming With The Kids

After the cow dragging, I headed back to the hills. I was followed by the village kids, who took me swimming in a nearby pond.


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